OP-ED BY: Cliff Rieders, Esq.

Op-ed by ZOA Board’s Cliff Rieders on Iran Deal
Date: 09.24.15

There was a time when the number one item on the liberal agenda was fear of nuclear proliferation.  I remember as a child my mother hearing reports of Strontium 90 in milk as a result of atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons.  She traveled to Cow Lane, which was the last remaining dairy farm in our […]

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OP-ED BY: Morton Klein and Liz Berney, Esq.

ZOA Op-ed in Washington Jewish Week About Iran’s Planning of 9-11
Date: 09.11.15

It’s a frightening irony.  This September 11th, we will mourn 3,000 innocent lives snuffed out during the worst terrorist attack on our homeland.  And at the very same time, our President and a minority of Congress is ramming through a catastrophic deal that will provide hundreds of billions of dollars and a path to nuclear […]

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OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein & Daniel Mandel

Op-Ed: Obama Constantly Sacrifices Israeli Security
Date: 07.06.15

Few seem to have noticed that President Barack Obama has scattered to the winds bipartisan Israeli reservations regarding establishing a Palestinian state. In a recent interview on Israel Television Channel 2, President Obama was quizzed on his public rejection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election statement that he continues to adhere to his 2009 in-principle […]

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OP-ED BY: Morton Klein and Elizabeth Berney, Esq.

ZOA Op-ed in NY Jewish Week Criticizing Jewish BDS Groups
Date: 05.26.15

Ameinu’s inaccurate Opinion piece invokes the “straw man” of non-existent “murder charges” to distract readers from the real issue: namely, that Ameinu’s “Hatikvah” slate should have been removed from the World Zionist Congress (WZC) election because its members promote discriminatory anti-Israel anti-Jewish boycotts, divestment and/or sanctions (BDS).  Ameinu falsely claims that “Hatikvah” slate groups combat […]

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SOURCE: Mathew Dalton

Islamic State’s Authentic-looking Fake Passports Pose Threat
Date: 12.24.15

Western security officials are struggling to respond to the threat that Islamic State can make authentic-looking Syrian and Iraqi passports, which could be used to hide operatives planning attacks in Europe or the U.S. among refugees.Islamic State has likely obtained equipment and blank passport books needed to make Syrian passports when the group took control […]

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SOURCE: Eric Walsh, Sandra Maler

Date: 12.15.15

A U.S. government agency report has warned that Islamic State has the ability to create fake Syrian passports, a federal official confirmed on Friday.A spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed the contents of a story by CNN on Friday about the report, but declined to provide a copy of the report.The report says […]

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