Wo kaufen Viagra in Germany
Date: 06.04.19

Viele Männer möchten Viagra kaufen und stehen vor der Frage, wo sie das beliebte Potenzmittel erstehen können, ohne sich in eine peinliche Situation zu begeben. Laut Statistik leidet ungefähr jeder fünfte Mann zwischen seinem 50. und 59. Lebensjahr an Erektionsstörungen. Zwischen dem 60. und 69. Lebensjahr ist es sogar schon jeder Dritte. Obwohl die erektile […]

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OP-ED BY: Cliff Rieders, Esq.

Op-ed by ZOA Board’s Cliff Rieders on Iran Deal
Date: 09.24.15

There was a time when the number one item on the liberal agenda was fear of nuclear proliferation.  I remember as a child my mother hearing reports of Strontium 90 in milk as a result of atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons.  She traveled to Cow Lane, which was the last remaining dairy farm in our […]

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OP-ED BY: Morton Klein and Liz Berney, Esq.

ZOA Op-ed in Washington Jewish Week About Iran’s Planning of 9-11
Date: 09.11.15

It’s a frightening irony.  This September 11th, we will mourn 3,000 innocent lives snuffed out during the worst terrorist attack on our homeland.  And at the very same time, our President and a minority of Congress is ramming through a catastrophic deal that will provide hundreds of billions of dollars and a path to nuclear […]

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OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein & Daniel Mandel

Op-Ed: Obama Constantly Sacrifices Israeli Security
Date: 07.06.15

Few seem to have noticed that President Barack Obama has scattered to the winds bipartisan Israeli reservations regarding establishing a Palestinian state. In a recent interview on Israel Television Channel 2, President Obama was quizzed on his public rejection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election statement that he continues to adhere to his 2009 in-principle […]

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SOURCE: Kenneth R. Timmerman

Op-Ed: Obama Defying Law-Embraces/Legitimizes Iran Terror State
Date: 01.19.16

In case you were just enjoying the weekend with your family and not listening to the news, the world changed over the past 48 hours.The United States has now officially become a Banana Republic.In sweeping moves that gave the lie to repeated assertions by Secretary of State John Kerry that there would be no “comprehensive” […]

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SOURCE: Caroline Glick

JPost – Obama’s Disgraceful Covert War Against Israel.
Date: 01.18.16

Over the past several weeks, we have learned that the Obama administration believes it is at war with Israel. The war is not a shooting war, but a political war. Its goal is to bring the government to its knees to the point where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu loses power or begs Obama and his […]

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