Posted by: Morton A. Klein
July 22, 2003

While Abu Mazen Is Meeting President Bush, ZOA Will Be Holding An Emergency Vigil In D.C. Against Palestinian Arab State

NEW YORK- While Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is meeting with President Bush at the White House on Friday, members of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) will be holding a vigil against the creation of a Palestinian Arab state, at the Ellipse nearby.

The vigil at the Ellipse (south of the White House) will take place on July 25, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. Some of the protesters will wear concentration camp-style uniforms, to dramatize the fact that Abu Mazen is the author of a book denying the Holocaust.

Speakers at the vigil will include ZOA National President Morton A. Klein and Richard Hellman, president of the Christians’ Israel Public Affairs Campaign (CIPAC).

The protesters will urge President Bush to withdraw his support for creation of a Palestinian Arab state, in view of the fact that Abu Mazen refuses to arrest or disarm terrorists, as the Bush Road Map requires; refuses to end anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement, as the Road Map requires; refuses to retract the book he authored, which denies the Holocaust; and continues to shelter dozens of terrorists involved in the murders of American citizens.

The vigil will kick off a nationwide ZOA campaign that will include:

* Full-page newspaper ads in the New York Times and twenty other newspapers, headlined “Should Your Tax Dollars Be Used to Create a Palestinian Arab Terrorist State?”

* A nationwide letter-writing campaign to President Bush by pro-Israel activists, urging him to rescind his support for a Palestinian Arab state, since the Palestinian Arabs continue to sponsor and harbor terrorists, in violation of the Bush “Road Map” plan.