Posted by: ZOA Staff
March 9, 2015
Special Reports

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Condemns Anti-Semitism at UCLA, Urges Chancellor to Suspend Wrongdoers

Last Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough expressed outrage about anti-Semitism on our college campuses, pointing specifically to a recent anti-Semitic incident at UCLA:  Members of the student council questioned a candidate’s qualifications  to serve on the UCLA Judicial Board simply because the candidate was Jewish  and involved in the Jewish community.  A council member asked the Jewish student, “Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community, how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?”

Scarborough’s outrage was also directed at UCLA’s response to the anti-Semitism; the Chancellor weakly referred to it as a “teaching moment.”  Scarborough rightly asked:

“What if these students did this to a black student . . . and if they said, ‘Because you’re black, do you think you can handle your position fairly?’  Every student that asked that question would be suspended immediately and kicked off campus.   I would like to know why UCLA hasn’t done the same to these students that asked these questions.  Everybody involved up and down the line should be brought before the Chancellor, and if the Chancellor doesn’t step forward and do this, he should be fired immediately.   This is not Nazi Germany 1935. This is America 2015.”

The video may be found here.